What is Blue and Gray Insurance and how can they help me?

Blue and Gray Insurance is a full service independent insurance agency.  Blue and Gray Insurance fights on your behalf to ensure you get the best coverage possible at a reasonable price.  We have access to over 30 highly rated insurance providers.  The insurance companies ultimately end up competing against each other, which ends up giving our customers the best coverage possible at reasonable prices.

What type of insurance products does Blue and Gray Insurance Offer?

You name it and we likely can provide it, but here is a list to get you started…

It’s impressive that you are able to provide me with a quote online… How are you able to do that?

Yes it is quite impressive.  We have spent a lot of time and money to develop this system so that we could provide online quotes within seconds.  What’s really cool is that our system is connected to each insurance company’s system so that when you fill out the online form, you actually get quotes from several companies within seconds.  This state of the art system is just a small example of the technology we use to provide support to our customers.

The quotes are non-binding but they usually are very close to the actual costs (usually within a few bucks).  The quotes will be binding once you decide to speak with us personally, then we will provide you with an exact quote.

What a great idea… who thought of developing a company like this that helps so many people?

Blue and Gray Insurance was founded by Sean Schickel.  He currently serves as the President and CEO of Blue and Gray Insurance.

Sean has a broad and interesting background of public service and helping people, which prepared him for a career in the insurance and financial services field.  He is a 24 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as an Infantry Officer.  He initially enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school and worked his way up the ranks.  In fact, he has served at some of the highest levels of government and actually planned the 2013 Presidential Inauguration for the Marine Corps.  Prior to that, he led over 260 Marines in Iraq in some of the toughest fighting the Marine Corps has had seen since Vietnam.

As a lifelong public servant, he has always enjoyed helping people in their time of need.  Insurance is nothing more than helping people when they need it the most… which of course always comes at the wrong time.  Sean is an expert in helping people solve their insurance related problems by ensuring they receive the best coverage possible at reasonable prices.  He established Blue and Gray Insurance to fight on behalf of his customers and not for the insurance companies.  This unique system has helped many people to ensure they are properly covered and pay a reasonable price.

Wow… Can you tell me more about Sean?


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